Well, Everyone likes new smartphones, don't we?

When we buy a new smartphone, it works with blazing speed. Every application opens within seconds, no lags can be seen and also games can be played smoothly without any interrupts. We all like the way it works and its speed will be at peaks.

Speed up your Android with these tips

But wait, fast forward a few months or a year. Now see how fast your smartphone reacts to your taps?

Noooo!!! Toooo much SLOOOOOW.

Smartphones have this tendency of getting slow as time progresses. There are several reasons for this. Now we don’t need all those. What we need is a solution to make it speed up. Come, let us see some fixes that can be done on our own.

Let me list them first and then go in detail.

Tricks to Speedup Android

1. Minimizing Animations.
2. Stop background processes.
3. Turn off Mobile Data, WiFi when not in use.
4. Close Recent Apps.
5. Uninstall Apps that send notifications very frequently.
6. Install some third-party applications to kill background processes.
7. Remove virus
8. The ultimate solution is Rooting Android. experience the flavor of Custom Roms.

Those are a few fixes we can follow to speed up Android smartphone. Now we shall look into each of the solutions in detail. It is not needed that you have to follow every fix mentioned above. Based on the situations you can use some, need not take care of others.

1. Minimizing animations:

There are some animations in our smartphones like how a window opens or how long should it take to open a window etc. For instance, take the case of closing or opening an application, at that time these animations come into the picture. We have following types Window animation, Transition animation, and Animation duration. These are present in Developer Options. You can scale down those values to the least number i.e., in most cases it is 0.5 or if you do not want any animations then you can set them to zero. By scaling down these values definitely, the phone will speed up. But you need to get used to the way an app opens and closes, switching between the apps.

2. Stop background processes:

As we know even when our smartphone is in sleep, some processes run in the background. Many Times a user does know which process is running. There is no issue with some processes like Android OS, Google Play services, Android system. They need to run every minute. But the issue arises with the third-party applications that we install trough Play store or hacks, mod applications through a browser. Some of these third-party applications run in the background and keeps track of our usage. Particularly some apps inject malware or virus through the same way or hack our personal data. That is why it is recommended to download apps from well-known sources like Play Store and Dev sites like XDA. Even in play store there some applications with virus, Google is trying hard to remove them and they have succeeded in removing most of them but there is no end to the addition of new applications to play store. So it is required to see what type of processes running in the background. To stop these processes either uninstall the app or go to setting and close the running processes.

3. Turn Off mobile data and WiFi when not in use:

This is also one small reason but need not consider it. Keeping mobile data and WiFi on will always allow Internet needed applications to run in the background. Unless you are a power user you can turn them off.

4. Close recent apps:

Switching apps from recent is a good thing, makes our work easier. But it is to be kept in mind that you should not run too many applications in the recent apps otherwise you may see your Android go slow or hang down. The reason for this is over usage of RAM. Latest smartphones are coming with more than 2 GB of RAM, in most cases, issues won't arise. But if most of RAM is used by recent then you can feel the slowness. So it is recommended after finishing the work remove apps from recent that are not frequently used. If too many applications are present in recent then it not only slowdowns your device and but also battery reduces quickly.

5. Uninstall apps sending notifications frequently:

Apps that send notifications very frequently kill most the battery backup because they continuously run in the background. These also can slow our smartphone unknowingly. If notifications are sent frequently and if at some time other apps also send large no of notifications then surely phone hangs. The more notifications we get the more is memory used and it causes slow down.

6. Install some third party apps:

Greenify is an app designed for these issues. It not only removes background apps but also saves battery consumption. Do not install apps like DU Booster, Clean Master, Super Cleaner, RAM Booster as these will definitely slow down your Android. I personally tested these applications. Greenify has a lot of features like it uses nearly zero CPU and battery consumption never collects personal data.

7. Remove Virus:

As known, there are some misbehaving apps in the play store too. Some of them inject malware or virus in our device, takes personal data and can also make it unavailable to us. So it is highly recommended to install Anti-virus applications. That too installing reputed apps is good. Avast, Kaspersky, AVG have been from a long time and are trust from millions of users across the world. I recommend installing these.

8. Rooting:

This is the ultimate solution to keep your mobile run at least at a good speed. It is not recommended to root your device if official build from Lineage OS is not available. There are so many issues for this. Read about Rooting before performing any action.