Yandex Webmaster Tools are similar to Google's Search Console and Bing's Webmaster. It has an easy to understand interface, indexes posts within 2 weeks of submission. After submitting a Sitemap, you can ask for indexing your posts. Before going on have a look about Yandex.

About Yandex

Yandex is a multinational corporate company, specialized in Internet-related services and products like Google. It is mainly operated in 5 different countries namely Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Turkey. It is an AI company that provides search and information services, eCommerce, transportation, navigation, and other mobile applications in addition to offering online advertising. A good reason in going through about them is, they have 52 to 60 % search engine market share only in Russia. That is why it is a good idea to submit a website to its Search Engine.

Yandex Search Engine, Yandex Webmaster Tools -

How to Register!

Go here and click on Login. On login page look for Registration, present below Social Buttons. You can choose Facebook or Google or even Twitter for registration. Or if you want a separate account with Yandex then click on Registration. Next, you will be taken to a registration form. Fill in the details asked and click on Register. Now open the mail you have given, verify it. If you have given mobile then verify it too. If you are facing any issues like the pages displaying in Russian Language (default) then use Google Language Translation. After verifying you access its tools. Now again click on the above link or you will be taken to the page shown below.

yandex webmaster tools -

Verify site and submit the sitemap to Yandex:

First, you need to Add your website to its tools. So click on Plus button on left-hand top. It will ask for the site address. Type it and click on add button. After that immediately it asks for verification. Their options will be given viz., Meta tag, HTML file, DNS record. You can choose whatever you want.

Verify Ownership

For Bloggers, you go with Meta Tag. Click on Meta Tag, copy the single line given for you. Open your blogger account. Choose Theme and click on Edit HTML present below the preview box. Check for the head tag and paste the line anywhere between the start and end head tags. Remember that place, you can add verification details of Google and Bing to the same way. After pasting click on save theme.

For WordPress users, it is easy go here and paste the line copied in the respective text field, save that. If you have a custom Domain then through Domain Provider also you can verify by adding t txt record. Or you can upload an HTML file to the root directory.

After adding the meta tag to your website go back to Webmaster tools and click on check. It validated and responds within seconds and now your site is verified, here on you can have Access rights to that site for making any changes with its tools.

Add sitemap

Now your site is added and verified too. Now you need to submit the sitemap. For this click on indexing on the left-hand side menu. A drop-down appears, there select sitemap files. In the text box enter your sitemap link. You need not create sitemap as Google will automatically create a sitemap for every site. So do not bother about creating a sitemap. Just type

Please be sure with HTTP and https. HTTPS is better and more secured to user data. Yourdomainname can be anything either or or any other. Click on Add, it is taken for processing and within 1 week you will get a response. If you are confused or want to check sitemap info then you have some options for this. Again in the left-hand side menu click on Tools, in the drop-down options select Sitemap validator.

It gives three options viz., text, URL, and file. Click as of your choice. Better to go for url and type sitemap URL viz., Click on Check. Within in few seconds, it gives the response. Mostly it shows File type, File size and Number of links. If there are any errors then those are displayed. In most cases, no errors occur. You can check your sitemap file from any Search Engine by typing the above-said link in the search bar. It shows all the links and a few other details.

Now you have submitted your sitemap to its webmaster. If you already have posted then you can ask for indexing, if you do not have any take your own time and create one, then send for indexing.

Request for indexing with Yandex:

Now for the index, click on indexing, from the list select reindex pages. Now provide URLs of the posts one by one that you want to index. Separate each URL by entering them one per line. On a day you only can submit 20 URLs for indexing and no more than that. After completing click on Send. Your task has finished in submitting posts. If you want to track changes of those posts go to Important page monitoring in the same menu. That's it for indexing. Wait for at least 1 week for the changes to apply and submit posts regularly for good traffic.

Brief on Some useful options

Now we will look some other useful options there. To check the status of the URL go to indexing, Check URL Status. To analyze robots.txt file go to Tools, robot.txt analysis. From the same menu, you can validate your XML file, has the option to Audit pages for mobile compatibility. In the Summary, it regularly sends updates for various options like errors, problems with posts, search traffic, crawl statistics. It takes some time to display data on the Summary page.

Some pages or posts should not be displayed on Search Engines like internal search results, user data, posts that have been deleted after indexing and others. To make search engine not to crawl those links you can use Delete URL from Tools. A very helpful option for many reasons. To make your Business visible go to Useful Services and click on Yandex Business Directory. Give details asked for and click setting. You can create Ads also and display them too.