I am in a confusion. Are SEO tools helping your site to get higher PageRank in Google or do they help users find their required content easily? Does really Keyword stuffing should be done on your site? Should your URL contain keyword! or should the title start with a Keyword? These and many more questions arise while using many of the SEO tools. But from all these the final output is a user in search of content will the ultimate loser.

SEO tools or Content! Which is more important?

The reason why I am writing this post is that there are many many many and many SEO Tools misguiding users. Sorry to tell this even the famous ones too have this intention. We shall start with Coca-Cola, the famous one that is keeping its recipe as a secret for many years.

1. What happens if they open up the secret? Think! I am leaving it to your mind. Think the same with software. I know developers work very hard to bring us amazing software, most of the companies provide them freely. There may be some other intentions but they are not important here. Looking at some companies nature few people began to crack software's and believe me it's not illegal as most of the people cannot afford paid software. There is nothing wrong with cracks but wait there is something to discuss here. Do you really know that there are some crack providers who embed unuseful addons or irrelevant codes or sometimes evil code?

One more! In the initial days of Internet arose, there were very few sites and is was not tough to index and rank pages. At that time users are able to get at least little help and good outputs for their query. But what is happening in these days? Still many users do not get the required output for their search query. For this, there are many reasons. Let me discuss these 3 questions with you.

1. The secret with Google!

It is a well-known fact that if a secret is wide opened then there will be limitations to it. The reason why Coca-Cola kept its recipe as a secret for many years is the same one. Does SEO tool providers what is required for getting good PageRank in Google or other Search Engine? The answer is a big NO!

The reason is Google never let its secrets open and believe me all those you see or hear are just assumptions or the ones they come with experience or their strategies. Yes! most of them you hear are based on these 3 aspects.

One more is there too and that is misleading. Every company (at least) provides documentation with the release of software and the same happens with Google SEO. Please, every website holder must read it at least once to know what are the minimum steps that you need to follow to run/start with a website. Do remember


First, read the instructions provided by Google then choose your SEO / SEO Tool. For most cases, you may not require SEO Tool. But for few, you need them as guidance. It is you that has to be careful. If you want you can use Google Audit for analyzing your site. It clearly mentions every error your site has. You can also use Search Console (the Latest version too) for finding most of the important requirements. Pardon me, I not discouraging to not use SEO Tools but you should have an Idea before choosing the correct one and never try to use more SEO Tools providers, it will definitely discourage you particularly the beginners.

2. Misleading with useless or not needed ideas.

The main aim of every website is to provide helpful content to the users. There are websites in large number that mislead a user. You should think about the customers and not the algorithm or tools. The reason is Customer, the ultimate for any website and without him, there is nothing for the Website owners. Try to provide useful content to him and not the Search Engines.

There are lots of famous ones and many others telling you to stuff Keywords, Keyword in URL, begin heading with a keyword, start content with a keyword. In my view these all are nonsense. Decide me if I am correct or not with the following answer. Your aim is to provide the best content to a user search query. Leaving this if you try to stuff keywords what will be the final output? Think! Leaving it to your minds. Please go with the flow of your words/content so that it provides the customer his required result.

Remember I am not telling that you should not use Keywords but informing you to go with the flow of your content. There is no fixed number (or Google did not tell anyone) to have these many no of keywords in your post content. Usage of words lies in your hands and if you (example) go on using Nouns then what is the need for Pronouns? Like this try to use words randomly. The quote above is for the people who are in RUSH. Remember No one in this world became successful in a day.

Many of the new users search for different ideas to get traffic to their site. Most of them want to achieve/want traffic from day one onwards. One thing to tell for you is every Website owner starts with 0 visitors and 0 page views. The Great Microsoft Founder Bill Gates, did he became famous or succeeded in one day? No! We are just Human Beings and not more than that. Your intentions will lead you to the destiny which you desired or maybe not. It was clearly mentioned in Link Schemes that you should not go for Paid links or types of paid exchanges or some others. Do check that link. Bot traffic will not be helpful if you use it tells that you are losing your control and interest.

Evil wins from day one, continues to win but the final result chooses the one who stands still with good intentions.

So remember have faith in yourselves and work hard and definitely you are going to win some other day. Being patient for at least 1 year will give your desired results in Web field. I can guarantee that.

3. Help Consumers in finding their required stuff.

Put everything aside and think. What if the Consumers did not get their desired results? No Google, No Firefox, No Edge in this world is permanent. Everyone has to (should) work hard to be in top position but if you slowly began to lose your consumers then what will be your future?

The History is also telling the same from IE to Firefox to Google and in future maybe some others can be seen! Consumers migration is the biggest issue if you are in that line.

So write for your consumer and not simply following others ideas. They have experience, that's why they are in such a good position and if you gain some experience you too can be in that position.

One thing when was in B-Tech we were taught about indexing. A book was compared to indexing, the way a book is provided with Contents, the same way you need to organize your website. Linking pages or posts correctly will help you're or maybe new consumers in finding their stuff. Start a website, take 3 months,learn, you will definitely get some experience and use that correctly.

Life gives chances to everyone, use them wisely.

Those are the 3 ideas I want to share with you. Pardon me if I hurt anyone and I am not against SEO tools. The reason why I am telling you that is we are Human Beings and have the tendency to explore.

So do not rush for traffic or desire for PageRank without hard work. The people we see in these days have gained a lot of experience and they know what is correct and wrong. But some of them intentionally for sake of some things go in a wrong way. You do not choose that path. Go in a good way.

By the way, do not go for paid backlinks, you may get now but at some time you will definitely face issues with that.

Remember you are one that you need to work for your future solely. Do not go for ides what the others are doing. They may not work for you.

One more question is on using some SEO tools did they really help you to get customers? Ask yourself and go further. You also should remember keywords in the heading may give you page views and remember there are some kind of people with bad ideas like stuffing keywords and making irrelevant headings.

For example, if a user is searching for "Structured data in Blogger". Some people just provide "structured data in a website" kind of links without differentiating the platform. Blogger, WordPress, Wix and others have different ways for structured data and how can people just simply use that kind of heading without differentiating?.

Ask yourself this question before finalizing a heading. Do you like if search results display for WordPress when your query is on Blogger? Analyze this before making a step. Some famous ones and well-known ones do this kind of activities. Please do not go for ideas like those and do not make the customer a loser.

Always remember of a book with Contents, Introductions, Headings, Sub-Headings and Summary in it but it is also the way a Search Engine expects content from us.

NOTE: This post is not against any SEO tool provider or organizations. It is for the people who need some little guidance in going on the right path and also this post was not written against other people like you and me. Pardon me if it hurt anyone and please do not misguide the newcomers. Wishes to you even if one person changes on reading this. Finally telling you that this is my opinion and definitely at some point of time many of them will agree to this either openly or solely. Always content on your site helps you in getting PageRank and all the others are almost secondary.

Facts are always harsh and cannot be put down. At some point of time everyone realizes what is true and what is wrong!.