An emulator is a hardware or software that provides an interface or peripherals to run a guest system on your present working system, here the guest system is the one you want to install. Emulation refers to a computer program that imitates another program. A hardware emulator uses peripherals of devices or systems. Its uses are it can provide better graphics quality than the original hardware, additional features, different feel and look, cost-efficient and the best is you can use one system on another.

There are no of Emulators for Windows PC. But off all, we shall see a few of them. Mainly these softwares are helpful to Devs, who work hard for developing apps that make our life easier. Along with those we can use them as daily drivers, playing games and some other purposes. Look into each of them, do not miss anything. These are also helpful for those who want to experience the newer Android versions, may not be provided by their smartphone manufacturer. For those who got used playing with keyboard also find the use of this.

1. Android Studio

Price:  Free, for developers
This IDE is from the most popular smartphone OS providers, Google and mostly helpful for developers. There is a lot to talk about this, but I am only providing a brief idea. This comes as a free version. The main advantage is as it is from Google there will be fewer security issues and updates will be frequent. Another advantage is complete guide will be given from developing to releasing an app into the play store. You can click on heading for the guide. The software itself helps to release an app into the play store, testing features are also good. To run this software you need at least 3GB of RAM (having above 8GB is better). There will be some other tools that you can download by the following guide. For downloading you can go here.

2. Xamarin

Price: Paid, for developers
This IDE is from a well-known company, Microsoft. This is not a direct software and may or may not be called as an Emulator. Particularly it is helpful to developers in creating apps either for Android or iPhone in the same IDE. That is its main advantage. First, you can try a trial version, but later you need to pay for running Visual Studio. Yes, Xamarin is a tool to be used with Visual Studio. Subscriptions are divided into Yearly and Monthly. There are a lot of advantages for Yearly subscription and you can get access to various courses from different providers for some limited time. Students can get free IDM but need to have a valid mail from your University. It also provided a guide from scratch, to know go here. For Visual Studio Pricing go here.

3. Remix OS

Price: Free, for gamers, multi-taskers
Discontinued Remix OS with Android M

A good OS to run on PCs but unfortunately, the company JIDE behind this project discontinued it to come up with different ideas. Its last version released 25th Nov 2016 under 3.0.207 version. It comes with Android 6.0 Marshmallow. Not everyone but only a few are providing emulators above Lollipop version. Even though it is discontinued you can have a try at it for experiencing multitasking. It comes with the main advantage of multitasking which was not given by a lot of providers. To run this you need at least 2GB RAM and 2 GHz dual-core processor or above. This also comes with both 64 and 32 bit. If you want to try for 64-bit (EFI and Legacy) go here and for 32-bit (Only Legacy) go here. As this is discontinued there may be vulnerabilities. So be cautious. This is only for Intel and AMD is not supported.

4. Nox Player

Price: Free, daily drive
Nox Player is one of those that concentrate on user interface and with the last update, it added features like changing skins. It is helpful for playing games too. You need good hardware to experience it fully. There is no issue with the resolution of the device. It supports AMD. It is incompatible if used with BitDefender and VT enabled at the same time. To use both you need to disable VT. But the downside is this is Android 4.1.1 based software. If you have good RAM 4GB above you can enjoy it. On low-end devices, you may not enjoy it. For downloading go here. If you need any tutorials on installing apps click on the heading.

5. Andy

Price: Free, daily driver and much more
Best Emulator Andy OS -

For those who want to experience the latest Android version can use this Emulator. It has a lot of features, may not be provided by the other in this list too. Favorite Software for me. The thing is it runs an application on the Operating System you are using (eg., .exe file in Windows). Easy to use and can be used as a native app to the OS in PC. It uses VMware technology. You can control Andy using your smartphone too by using this app. One more is it comes with Android N (7.1.2), no one provides that much latest version. You need at least 3GB RAM, if better memory is present then you can enjoy it fully. Users can sync between Andy and Smartphones. It runs as a desktop app in PC. There are no storage limitations here, most of the others have. Everything free and you need to pay for Developers Support. Another big advantage is users can root this virtual Android. You can download here. For any FAQs click on the heading.

6. Genymotion

Price: Paid, for developers
Genymotion is one of those that provides various services on virtual Android. This is completely paid version if you want to try go for trial version, for this you need to Sign Up. Particularly for devs, this is very helpful. For prices check here. There are a lot of features in this too. With the latest update, you can have access to Android O (8.x) with this software. You can you this software in Eclipse and Android Studio through respective plugins. You have guides too for developing. It provides PaaS (Platform as a Service) and SaaS (Software as a Service). This comes in two variations one is using cloud and other is Desktop. For trial version go here and for complete version check the above link with prices.

7. Bliss

Price: Free, daily driver and more
Bliss is known for developing Customs ROMs for various devices. It too has its own Open Source virtual OS for PC, providing the 8.x update through it. It releases in different versions like Stable Builds, EDU Builds, Bleeding Edge Builds and Nightlies. Off them, more stability is with Stable Builds. EDU is discontinued for now. Bleeding Edge Builds gives updates weekly on most cases. Nightlies provide the most recent updates but there may exist a few bugs, you can try on your own risk. Get into here to know more. The link is part of XDA, read the complete thread there before installing. For downloading go here.

8. Bluestacks

Price: Free & Paid, for gamers and enterprises
For gamers, this is one of the good virtual Android in PC. You can play numerous games on this. It also has the option of playing games in multitasking mode. You can control it using Keyboard keys too. It has Android N (7.x) Operating System. But negative of this is there will be random Ads. For use in professional or work settings, you need to buy the software. For downloading the software go here. Enterprisers can go here for prices.

9. Memu Play

Price: Free, for gamers and daily driver
This is the for gamers and as well as can be used as a daily driver. These OS providers are not too old, comes up with different ideas. Their vision is "to be an ultimate platform, to play, connect, create and more". Multiple instances are possible here too. You can have smooth control. But the downside is it runs with Android Lollipop (5.x). This provides what a smartphone user expects. It has support for both AMD and Intel. There are options for keyboard mapping and it has a vertical menu that provides a lot of options. For downloading click this link.

10. Droid4x

Price: Free, daily driver
Droi4x is one of the upcoming Android emulators in the market. It is a kind of Android simulator designed with the virtual mind. With this, you can get complete root access and a lot more. There are a lot of features with this and some of them are not provided by others. Features are inbuilt Play Store and can edit it, it is free to use and the premium version is available too, supports keyboard shortcuts, provides inbuilt GPS, VPN and lot more without spending a buck. It is also available for both PC and Android smartphone. For both PC and Android get it here.

NOTE: For some emulators to install you need to enable VT-x in Intel devices and AMD-v in AMD devices. Without enabling virtualization technology you cannot install emulators as most of them require virtual technology. Take care while installing Bliss. Others can be installed somewhat easily. If there are instructions for installing in the links provided above, read them carefully before proceeding.