Today the latest version 9 from Android released to Pixel devices and from now on it will be called Android Pie but some of the features discussed in Google I/O 2018 did not make their way, expected to release after some time. Starting today, an over-the-air update to Android 9 will begin rolling out to pixel devices.

The devices that have participated in Beta program Sony, Vivo, Oppo, Xiaomi, HMD Global, OnePlus, Essential, as well as qualifying Android One devices,  will receive this update by the end of this fall.

Android 9.0 P is officially out as Pie version

The most anticipated feature Digital Well-being and Slices did not make their way in this update but the members with Pixel devices can sign up (Link Closed) to Beta program for testing or using of Digital Well-being. It is also said all the announced features may not come in the original update too. They have told it takes some time for some other features to be on over-the-air. But many features were present and you'll love them. Some of the features were:

App Actions:

With App Actions, Android predicts what you’ll want to do next based on your context and displays that action right on your phone.


This did not make its way out for this update, but within this fall it will surely be rolled out. It shows relevant information from your favorite apps when you need it. If you start typing “Lyft” into Google Search, you’ll see a “slice” of the Lyft app, showing prices for your ride home and the ETA for a driver so you can take action more quickly and easily.

Adaptive Brightness and Battery

Through this Android 9 learns from your smartphone adapting to your usage patterns. That’s why Android 9 comes with features like Adaptive Battery, which learns the apps you use most and prioritizes battery for them, and Adaptive Brightness, which learns how you like to set the brightness in different settings, and does it for you.

System Navigation:

This features a single home button. This is particularly helpful for the people who are facing issues to control their taller phone with one hand. With a single, clean home button you can swipe up to see a newly designed Overview (recents).

Smart Text Selection

Smart text selection means it recognizes the meaning of the text you’re selecting and suggests relevant actions. This is very good for users who are working with multiple applications at a time. This feature works on the Overview of your recent apps, making it easier to perform the action you want. You can enable this new system navigation in Settings once you’ve received your update to Android 9.

These are some of the features and others like DND, Rounded corners, change in GUI, Screenshot edit and few others are also present in this update. Awaited features will be rolled out pretty soon. It was said Android is trying to include more no of Smartphones to the Pie list. Other OEMs like Samsung, HTC, and others too will release it in no matter of time. For full list of features announced check-in that link. To know more about pie version go to that link. Check the features announced at Google I/O 2018.