Android P is not yet rolled out to many devices but now we have news on Android Q, the next version from Google. Android P has focused mostly on user experiences like Adaptiveness, App Actions, Slices, Intuitive Navigation, Digital Wellbeing, Dashboard, and App Timers. That version bought many features which we are expecting long back.

If you were a normal Android without Root then you might have not to know about those. Custom ROM provides more features than the original Android version.

That is also one major reason for most of the people to Root their devices. Now the last version added more features and also support to Rooted Devices has been stopped for now. We will talk to this later.

Next Android version Google is Q. What is its name?


I liked the way 9.x was implemented. If you also liked it then post your opinion in the comments and get ready to experience the next Android version. It is bringing more features that we love to have on our devices. Only the thing is how many devices are going to get it? Along with that many Android devices are known for getting either one, two or no updates.

Many of the OEM manufacturers excluding some of the major companies like Pixel, One Plus, Samsung and few others do not provide updates and keeping security in danger. Take the case of Google+ which will be shut down soon in a couple of months because of a security flaw that made millions of user data to expose in March 2018. Removing all those things now Android Q is coming as a Security update with more added features.

We will discuss this in the coming paragraphs. Now we will see a few of the added features.

Dark Mode

The most needed feature for many of us. Now onwards we need not download third-party apps for that. Android is adding that feature in the upcoming version. Also, it is system wide which means we can experience dark mode in the third-party applications (note: only supported ones) too. Google Apps have Dark mode facility, with adding that feature 3rd party apps also support. Dark mode is much needed these days. People who use mobiles during nights face a lot of difficulties, causing eye problems. Even the Kids will face problems like eyesight and headache when using mobile during nights. Putting an end to that this feature from Google is a welcoming one.


Upto Android 9.x we have the habit of dismissing notifications by swiping to left. That has changed and now we have swipe right to dismiss them. Also, few minor changes were made to the notifications like adding Notifications icon (Bell symbol in YouTube) in place of Settings icon. Except that no more changes were added.

Changes in Settings

Few icons were changed and some new tabs have been added. We can see a separate tab for Privacy and About Phone. One bad thing about settings is we cannot change Gestures according to our need. We can see permissions usage screen from the Location tab. It shows which apps have used permissions like Location, Camera, Microphone, etc. A good option to have.

Permission usage and its popup

Changes were made to Popup permissions. Now we have 3 options in providing permissions to apps. Those are 1. Allow always, 2. Allow only during app usage and 3. Deny. According to our need, we can select one option. Also, we can see which apps are given what and how many permissions in one screen. One more good change we will see is whenever an app uses Location, microphone or others then we will see an indication on the status bar. For example, if xyz app is using Camera and Location then on the status bar we will see an indication showing Location and Camera usage by that app. This needs a lot with Android devices.

Minor changes everywhere

We will see a few changes on "Always ON Display" (before unlocking screen) screen. Here battery status has been moved from mid-lower end to right-hand corner in the status bar. Also, notifications are indicated on the left-hand corner in the status bar. Lock screen keypad also has been changed. Fonts inside were changed. Also, we will see icon changes either in Notification Panel or Settings.

Android Q: A Security Update

In their day's security is the most concerned factor of every user. With Android Q we can see Google is focusing more on the security of a user. Particularly after Google removing many apps from Play Store (Running malicious content in the background) many opinions have raised on security in Android. Now it is time to put end to those malicious apps. From Q version onwards we can see which app is using which permission. As told above, about the permission screen, we can see which app used which permission in a detailed way. This feature is much needed and also new in the Smartphone market. Apple also does not have this kind of feature.


A few days back I downloaded the latest version of a ROM for my Samsung Tab which is 7 years old. Both ROM and Gapps were flashed successfully, along with those Magisk were also flashed and I was eagerly waiting to see the new changes in it. Everything went fine till Lineage OS screen, after that, I made few next then at Wi-Fi connection screen I saw a popup saying Google Play Services has stopped working.

Those popups have increased with time and also it showed Play Store has stopped working. Then I have realised something went wrong while flashing (I thought it was due to Magisk). Again I went to recovery and flashed every file (ROM and Gapps), again I saw the same. Next time after wiping everything again I installed ROM, Gapps, and SuperSU. The same thing has happened. That also did not work and last time I only flashed ROM + Gapps which also went in the same way.

Then I quickly went into XDA if anyone is facing those issues. Boom then I saw many of them have reported about the same problem. Then I came to an opinion that either Google stopped support to Older devices or Rooted Devices.

Also, I got those kinds of messages from few others saying that Gapps not working for Rooted Devices. There might be a problem in Gapps or Google halted its support. We will see the answer to that in a few days. One thing I want to say is without Google apps using Android is horrible. Many apps and Games require Google apps, without them, those games/apps do not work which means we have to lose them. The main problem if that occurs is our favourite YouTube has to be experienced in and 3rd party application like Browser or Videoder.

No Gapps means No Google Apps (we cannot install any Google app). The developers have to find a solution to this. If any of you faced the same situation then comment below about it.

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