It's been not over a year since SuperSU halted updates. For years The Android World knows what it has given to our Devices.

SuperSU Downfall and Magisk Rise, Advantages

What is SuperSU?

SuperSU is a root managing app developed to give root permissions to the Apps that require special access (root access). When it came into the market there were some other root managing apps but soon it emerged as the best Root.

History of SuperSU

Chainfire (from the Netherlands) is the person behind this development. One year before halting the project (may 5th, 2018) the development works were taken over by CCMT (a Chinese company). But soon the project came to end with Chainfire retiring from it.

What is Magisk?

It was released in the year 2016 and at present, it is the best alternative to Chainfire's SuperSU. It masks your system (Android) so that you can run any application. It was developed by Topjohnwu. It is a systemless app with a lot of advantages over SuperSU. It Roots our device, based on phh's SuperUser.

SuperSU Vs Magisk (System Vs Systemless)

Both the applications root our device. But there are differences between these two. First, we will see how SuperSU works. When we root our device with SuperSU then it replaces some of the system files with its own files. This method worked fine until Lollipop.

Google when increased security through Marshmallow began to send red flags to the apps when a device is rooted. This made some applications not to work and also halted OTA updates. Google SafetyNet is an API that monitors the system and blocks certain (like banking App's) apps from working (mainly they cannot be installed) if our device is rooted.

You can't use Google Pay, Netflix, and others. In short, way, if SuperSU is used then you cannot use banking apps and OTA updates will stop.

Topjohnwu came up with a different idea and his application can mask root status from being detected by Apps. This works differently from SuperSU. It will not modify our system files but modifies boot partition, means the modifications are virtually overlayed on top of original system files.

So when a request is made to system files the modified version is sent in its place. Since all the system files are intact SafetyNet cannot recognize root status. So we can use Banking and other applications freely. PokemonGo also cannot be played if SuperSU is used, but it is possible with Magisk.

Advantages of Magisk

1. We can use Banking applications,
2. We can play PokemonGo,
3. We can bypass SafetyNet,
4. We can get OTA updates even after root,
5. It is open source unlike SuperSU,
6. It contains modules, unlike SuperSU.

Open Vs Closed

We know what Apple and Android are. Like the same SuperSU and Magisk are different in that prospect. SuperSU is a closed source so only the person behind that application can modify it. He can pass that code to another person/company(Like from Chainfire to CCMT) for further development. Whereas Magisk is an open source like Android which means a lot of ideas can be added to it. As most of the people prefer Open Source Magisk is gaining more popularity in a short time and people are switching to it. But still many of them have SuperSU installed which will not get future updates.

Modules in Magisk

We know about Xposed Installer. It contains modules which help to modify system based on our likes. Similarly, Magisk also contains modules which help to customize. This feature is not there in SuperSU. But you can install Xposed framework to experience those mods (modules).

SuperSU is dead on 5th May 2018. Magisk can be for both Rooted and Non-Rooted Android devices. To install it you need to have TWRP recovery. No other recovery will work with it. You will have two choices one is flash through recovery (a zip file) other is through the installer. Rooting is risk, voids your manufacturer warranty. Also if the process is followed correctly you may brick your device. So please be careful while rooting. Know more on rooting and Xposed installer. To know more on Magisk go their official site.