Yesterday I was going through some File Managers for my Realme device as ES File Explorer File Manager was removed from Play Store for fraudulent behavior from its developer. ES File Manager is my favorite and must have app on any device I own. But I had to remove the Pro Apk which I bought for ₹ 200 odd for the above reason.

Earn Free Money From Files by Google and GPay Apps

Now I am using Solid Explorer File Manager and got its Pro version for just ₹19.99 (installed for the first time). Used that App for mins and it has a good User Interface. Loved it a lot and I would recommend to the others also. It will be available for a trail version for 14 day and later u need to buy Pro version or you will get Ads. The above offer will be available to you until Trail version ends. I will add this Apk to Some of the Cool Apps to try for in 2019.

I would recommend to uninstall Any ES Files Apk form your devices. Also do remember to uninstall Apps from DO Developers (You will get a post on this soon). Now we will get into our topic of Earning Free money from Files By Google and G Pay (Tez) Apps. You need to do below procedure to Earn Money (limited to 10 Scratch Cards).

What do you need to have?

Before getting on to the actual topic we will to through the Apps which you need to install before getting some free money (not actually free).

1. Install Files By Google from Play Store.
2. Install Google Pay (Tez) from Play Store.
3. Link both Apps to the same Google Account (phone number has to be verified for that account).
4. G Pay has to be linked to a valid UPI based Bank Account (otherwise you cannot get money).

Preparing Files by Google App

1. After installed Files App, open it. Clean any unwanted space.
2. In the bottom right, tap Share.
3. In the Earn rewards promotion, tap Start
4. Now Link you Google Account. (Remember you need to have same google Account for both the Apps)
5. Now share any files with you friend for that just tap on Send.
6. A connection will establish between the two devices when you select the receivers device in the senders device.
7. Share any Files, then tap ← . A prompt appears to confirm if you want to disconnect.
8. Tap Disconnect.

After you disconnect from the file sharing session, Google will review your rewards status and eligibility. When they confirm your eligibility, You will see the rewards in your G Pay account.

How to redeem your rewards?

1. Install Google Pay app from the above link.
2. Open the app.
3. Sign In with the same Google Account you linked to Files by Google.
4. Make sure you link Bank Account to G Pay, otherwise you cannot open those rewards.
5. Claim Your rewards from G Pay (within 30 days) through Promotions > Rewards.
6. If you did not see any scratch cards in the Rewards section (G Pay) then go to Files by Google, tap Share, tap View Rewards, Click on Claim with G Pay.

That's it, that's the way to earn some free money from those two Apps. This offer is limited to India Only. You can open 10 Scratch Cards for 10 unique shares and at last you may get a scratch card worth ₹ 1000. Why I told not free money is they are promoting both these apps through the same offer and helps them a lot.