Microsoft Edge is better than Chrome in few things. For instance Edge can open a web page faster than Chrome when it is awaken from sleep, it feels light weight. But Edge browser cannot overcome Chrome in many aspects.

Microsoft Edge Insider Browser: An OSS Project

Edge is unable to provide features that are expected in these present days. Chrome is well ahead of all other browsers, but Edge, a browser from the Tech Giant Microsoft is no where near to it. Last year Microsoft Edge team made some re-thinking and planned out to release Community based Open Source browser.

Now their thoughts are put into work through Microsoft Edge Insider. They have already released the browser in two channels namely Canary and Dev, while 3 rd channel is yet to be opened. Below you can see how to download it.

Microsoft Edge Insider Channels

Microsoft Edge Insider Channels are preview channels for the new Microsoft Edge Chromium-based browser. Since Microsoft is moving Edge to the open source Chromium development framework to help it cope better with the modern world, the new Chromium-based browser needs testing. At the current time, we have two Microsoft Edge Insider Channels:

  • Dev
  • Canary
  • Later you can expect 3 rd channel to open, with a stable release following.

    Dev or Canary: Which one to choose?

    As of now we only have two channels opened. As you can see in the above image the two builds receive updates in different frequencies. Canary gets daily updates while Dev channel gets weekly updates.

    Daily updates means we may face lot of bugs and the version might be unstable to some users. However, you get to help with active development by reporting and detailing those bugs and advising on how features work as they hit the browser.

    In Weekly updates the development team takes all of the feedback and data scooped up during each night’s Canary build, analyzes it, and then pushes the best Microsoft Edge build from that week out on the Dev channel. Weekly is better, so go for Dev Channel. I am using Canary version and writing this post with the same browser.

    When Beta channel arrives it will be much more stable than the other two. It receives updates every 6 weeks. For a stable browser we need to wait for some more time.

    Users who want to test right now can install Canary build, users who want to see somewhat stable version can go for Dev build. If you are a user who wants a much more stable browser then wait until third channel is opened, then you can experience it.

    Who can try this Browser?

    This Chromium open source browser is not for everyone. Only a limited no of people can use/experience it. I feel sorry for the Mobile Devices, 32-bit Computers and other Windows version users except Win 10. Yes, As of now only Windows 10 users that too 64-bit systems can only use this browser.

    How to Download Microsoft Edge Canary/Dev Browser?

    There is no need to signup or do any other stuff, you can straight away download it from their official site. For downloading and installing follow the below procedure.
    1. Go to Microsoft Edge Insider.
    2. Choose either the Dev Channel or Canary Channel.
    3. When the download completes, run the Microsoft Edge Chromium Insider build installer.
    4. Wait for the installer to complete; when it finishes, Microsoft Edge Chromium will open automatically.
    That is how to download and install it. This browser can overtake Chrome within no time if it implement most of the Community asked features. Already some of the techies feel this browser can go past Chrome. In next few posts you will see about this Project as Open Source Software (OSS). By the way as of now many of the required features are missing in this browser. But as this project is in the initial stage, we can expect along with those a few new ones in no time.

    Note Support for 32-bit Windows 10 Computers is added. So 32-bit system users with the latest Windows version can download Microsoft Edge Canary/Dev.