Innovation, security and privacy, and digital wellbeing - three themes from Google, through Android Q. Accordingly, they are making significant changes for the next version of their smartphone OS. Today, Beta 4 was released with Google keeping its timeline intact. This update is much needed for developers as the final API 29 is available now.

This version was an aim to provide the latest technology - 5G, foldables, edge-to-edge screens, on-device machine learning, and more to the users. While making sure users' security, privacy and wellbeing are always a top priority.

If you did not try the latest version and want to enjoy its flavor, then you can either enroll for an OTA from Google Official site or download and flash it. You can choose either of them, but flash users will not get any OTA even after Stable release, so be careful.

What's in Beta 4?

The previous beta versions already bought significant changes for an average user. From now we will see bug fixes and little to no modifications to the present features. The update for all the Pixel devices is on a roll for OTA users, and flash users can download the image, install it according to the instructions given.

This version released final APIs of Android Q - API Level 29, official API 29 SDK and updated builds for Android Studio. Developers can now test their Apps on the beta devices and can also build with the latest Q features and APIs.

You can download official API 29 SDK tools into the stable release of Android Studio 3.4. You can also use the Beta version of Android Studio v3.5 for the latest Android Q features. Then follow these instructions to configure your environment and check the release notes for known issues.

That's it for the Beta 4, and an average user can expect some improvements, Developers can concentrate on testing/building app with the latest version. For more information, you can visit this link.

Some of the Pixel owners are facing blootloop issues so Google halted OTA update for all the Pixel devices. It seems some of the Pixel 2 and 3 devices are facing this issue.

12 Jun, 2019: Update is being rolled out to pixel devices.