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Welcome to my blog!

When I was in my B-Tech One of my friend Bhanu explained to me on How to start a Blog from both Blogger and WordPress platforms. He gave a gist on how to begin. But at that moment I did not show much interest in Blogging, somehow it created some impact on me. Actually, I spend most of my free time on reading articles, blogs relating to both laptops and smartphones. When I was in 3rd Semester, I brought Yureka Plus. The specialty of that mobile is that it is the beginning of my LEARNING.

On reading articles from different blogs and forums I came to know that I can root my smartphone without losing Warranty. From then on I read many blogs, began to add some extra features which I did not get from the Original manufacturer. I have flashed many ROMs and Kernels developed by some of the great devs, began to experience the true Android.

All those LEARNING experiences of my smartphone and laptop troubleshooting led me to share my ideas and thoughts to other people like you. At present, I was in the beginning stage of developing this blog, trying every possible way to learn more about blogging. Through this blog, I am sharing some of the useful content that is helpful to make more out of your Android and also PC. I can assure to help the readers of this blog to get most of the useful information, help them to solve bugs on most of the times. If you found any broken images or links please contact me.